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Radio Infocyde

Small update. I'm building this site from scratch and it is dragging out a bit...but the News section is updated continuously.

Radio Infocyde was (and still is though inactive) an indie internet radio show that aired for about two years between 2013-2014 that was started by two average guys who had a shared interest in what is going on in the world behind the curtain so to speak. We had about 50 shows and some of them were even decent. Our topics were generally conspiracy theory related but from a Christian angle (but not always). We did all our shows before conspiracy theories were as common as they are today. If you can be patient enough and can wade through our stammering we think there is some good analysis of what is going on in the shadows that still holds up well today.

Some older content...

>> Notes for 9/14 Show (on the Club of Rome) RI0047 The Club of Rome Notes

>> Notes from most previous show (on Weather Warfare) RI0046 Weather Warfare Notes

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