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A long time ago, when the internet was just getting going, I thought everyone who wanted to be something on the internet had to pick out a hacker nickname. I picked infocyde (which really should be spelled “infocide”) which means death by too much information. I saw that a real obstacle to finding out what was really going on in our world was not a lack of information, but rather a dearth of it. Even though I took that alias I’m actually trying to sift through all the noise to find out what I believe to be hidden truths of how things “really” work so I can share that information with others.

In that vein I started Radio Infocyde with my good friend Michigan Bob in 2013 as an indie internet radio show. Even just a few years ago “conspiracy theories”, for lack of a better term, were not as common as they are today. We did a little over forty shows in a two-year period before we fizzled out. We chose to look into topics like ghost, the new world order, aliens, and other things to try to get to the truth on things. Though the shows were very indie…meaning they were plagued with sound quality problems, sometimes not planned out all that well, sometimes tangent-ing all over, I still think the shows hold up today as a good place to start in looking into what the nature of reality is in our world.

Though Radio Infocyde in its past form is inactive my mouth is still blabbing. I am still using social media as a means to share information that I think floats above the noise. I post podcast occasionally and plan to maintain and grow my presence again on the web as time permits.

I am also writing a series of books called “Libre Esoterica”. It is slow going…but for more information check [THIS] blog.

I am a born-again Christian and believe that all the information I gather points to this world being a fallen place, and the only true hope both for individuals and the world is Jesus. View the this site's content and decide for yourself. For more information on what it means to be "saved" in a Christian sense, please click [HERE]. God bless you!

I would like to thank and acknowledge artwork used on this site provided by the creative community.

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