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I think the Soviets, Chinese, and others tried this. Also slavery usually involves basic living standards.

Here is the clincher to all you would be socialist who love this concept. Google "elite quotes population reduction" or similar. Interesting what the "thinkers" really think. You think the men behind the curtain will just float millions of people out of the goodness of their hearts? They are already talking about how there are too many people on the earth. Your basic income will come with ever growing attachments involved if you intend to live off solely that. Certain behaviors limited. Growing demands to become more and more of a better "citizen" or "global citizen" by things like not having kids and not exceeding your daily calorie and electricity rations. 

You can get a free lunch, but it might cost you your soul in the end. Better to get a skill and stay free, and to encourage people who don't have skills in demand that they are mistaken if the powers that be will be happy to float them forever.

Automation coming into play does not mean instant post-scarcity economics. No, it means many's labor will we be redundant, and as resources continue to become strained guess who loses...

Robots can grow food, but it doesn't necessarily mean the instant creation of more arable land. Increased efficiency from automation does mean increased production for less, but it doesn't automatically mean more things like rare earths are instantly created to fuel production booms. Automation means efficiency and less labor. It does not mean it will auto keep up with demand for goods. And, as fewer and fewer people own production, their priorities of what to produce may not be yours nor for the benefit of the greater good.

Sure the powers that be will be happy to buy your votes off with "basic income"...that is until their power becomes solidified and they no longer need you. Then an army of dupes becomes a herd of "useless eaters" as they refer to you. If you have a farm and your farm animals are no longer good for milking or eating what do you do with them? And the elite of the world absolutely view the world as "their farm" and you being an animal. 

Don't let smooth worlds and promises of easy street cause you to sell yourself or your descendants out to a new form of slavery that eventual death for a free phone, section 8 housing, and access to easy drugs that just happen to be available almost everywhere even though the government is waging a "war" against drugs in the tune of billions of dollars each year.


By infocyde
Tags: #rants 

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