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Podcast are usually done by infocyde and are more free flowing than are official "Radio Infocyde" shows.

PC006 - Trump Predictions, Good and Bad - 2016/09/18

Rather than listening to talking heads about what to expect from Trump, I put on my own talking head cap and lay it all out there on what I expect to see, good and bad, from a Trump presidency.

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PC005 - How The Left Gave Trump The Election - 2016/11/16

I list 10+ reasons why the left is complicit, for better or for worse, in the rise of President Donald J. Trump.

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PC004 - Black Watch Christianity - 2016/09/18

10 Parallels between life in the "Game of Thrones" Black Watch and our Christian daily walk.

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PC003 - Bulgaria - 2016/08/30

I (Infocyde) talk about my recent trip to Bulgaria.

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PC002 - War Hawks and Chicken Hawks - 2016/07/14

With all the recent fighting and terrorism going on in the world it is easy to get sucked into calling for war. On the other hand some stick their hand in the sand and ignore evil until it metastasizes into something even worse. Please think.

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PC001 - Pay to Play on Social Media - 2016/06/28

Infocyde does a little experiment on Twitter that would seem to indicate those who spend money on social media get hundreds of times more exposure than those who don't. Infocyde goes into the ramifications of this and also talks about censorship on social media as well.

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