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I think the Soviets, Chinese, and others tried this. Also slavery usually involves basic living standards.

Here is the clincher to all you would be socialist who love this concept. Google "elite quotes population reduction" or similar. Interesting what the "thinkers" really think. You think the men behind the curtain will just float millions of people out of the goodness of their hearts? They are already talking about how there are too many people on the earth. Your basic income will come with ever growing attachments involved if you intend to live off solely that. Certain behaviors limited. Growing demands to become more and more of a better "citizen" or "global citizen" by things like not having kids and not exceeding your daily calorie and electricity rations. 

You can get a free lunch, but it might cost you your soul in the end. Better to get a skill and stay free, and to encourage people who don't have skills in demand that they are mistaken if the powers that be will be happy to float them forever.

Automation coming into play does not mean instant post-scarcity economics. No, it means many's labor will we be redundant, and as resources continue to become strained guess who loses...

Robots can grow food, but it doesn't necessarily mean the instant creation of more arable land. Increased efficiency from automation does mean increased production for less, but it doesn't automatically mean more things like rare earths are instantly created to fuel production booms. Automation means efficiency and less labor. It does not mean it will auto keep up with demand for goods. And, as fewer and fewer people own production, their priorities of what to produce may not be yours nor for the benefit of the greater good.

Sure the powers that be will be happy to buy your votes off with "basic income"...that is until their power becomes solidified and they no longer need you. Then an army of dupes becomes a herd of "useless eaters" as they refer to you. If you have a farm and your farm animals are no longer good for milking or eating what do you do with them? And the elite of the world absolutely view the world as "their farm" and you being an animal. 

Don't let smooth worlds and promises of easy street cause you to sell yourself or your descendants out to a new form of slavery that eventual death for a free phone, section 8 housing, and access to easy drugs that just happen to be available almost everywhere even though the government is waging a "war" against drugs in the tune of billions of dollars each year.


By infocyde
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Ok, trying to knock out my thoughts here before they are gone in a quick manner so I can get back to work.

The last week or so I've actually been challenged a little bit at work.  This has caused me to alter my usual routine.  I'm actually trying to concentrate which I don't do all that often.  As I did this noticed something.

I "know" a lot of things.  But unless they are front and center, I don't really "know" them.  Call me a victim of the normalcy bias or cognitive dissonance, but what my mind knows, unless that information is front and center, it does not act upon.  During my time "concentrating for work" I've tweeted less and listened to videos of lectures on youtube more.  I embedded some of of these videos on this blog.  You should watch/listen to them before they are gone.  

I know the CIA at minimum "manages" elements of the drug trade.  I've been convinced of that for years.  I know the government is infiltrated and controlled by a good ole boy network, for lack of a better term, made up of rich families that control US foreign policy.  This group is generally above the law and are responsible for using all sorts of US resources for evil while enriching themselves immensely.  Federal, state, and local governments are riddled with minions of this network.  Call it the new world order.  Call it the deep state.  It is there.  It is real.  And some of these families and their minions have co-opted dark arts for their advantage and extreme human cost to those who have fallen pray to them.  I have known this since I was 18.

But...and here is the but...do I act on this?  Are these facts, and they are facts, in my daily thinking?

They used to be.  I am a child of the emerging internet.  First information by courageous researchers was shared through books and BBSs.  Then on newsgroups.  And now through various word press blogs.  The amount of "alternative news"...news that used to faithfully document the abuses of power by the "network" have exploded...but this explosion has come at a cost.

What is that cost?  Well, infocide for one.  So much information, much of it low quality, makes it harder to concentrate and focus on the key components of what the network is up too.  Also the network has infiltrated alt media.  Sites blossom and content is never ending...who pays for the people wo write all this content?  How are these sites funded and operating?  Who owns them all? Why do a lot of them regurgitate the same junk?  Is there are "mainstream alt media" now?  I would argue yes...and it is all bad.

There is also an explosion of political blogs.  And to add into the mix everyone feels the need to push content, or regurgitate it from other sites, constantly...in the hopes of getting a few hits and making some coin.  More junk, less quality, less vetting, get it out there, get the hits, hope for some pennies from Google.

And the US 'network" isn't the only ones psyoping alt media.  Other nation states and their deep states are on it too.  All trying to influence the accepted narrative of events.  It is all a jumbled bunch of noise.  And you know what I've found, this is the key point.  I found myself tuning out.

I still think I'm researching...I still think I'm absorbing material...but I'm not.  In my quest to stay on top of things and tweet out material I've joined the info storm of garbage...not that what I tweet or share on this blog is garbage, but much of it though true and relevant, is not focusing on the important parts.  CIA infiltration of police departments and media outlets.  Hidden military operations in various places that benefit the elite but don't benefit the average American at all.  Dark science in secret labs.  Some really weird occultic stuff that the "network" is into.  Trafficking. Banks being addicted to drug money laundering.  Blackmailing and compromising politicians.

All these things are found in the alt media sphere today, but the are often covered with garbage...and before you can start digging into them, pondering them, letting them alter your thinking...the next outrage is paraded before you.  It is a constant barrage of mental hits that keep you bobbing and dodging when you should be striking...striking being a metaphor for thinking deeply and acting.  

Circling back, I noticed the quality of the videos I used to queue for later to watch five years ago are far superior in content than stuff I've queued lately.  I, like I assume many of you, have been pushed along the info superhighway gently but continuously by too much information. I won't say the information is wrong, it is just not right.  Right focuses deeply on the above things I listed. It doesn't distract, it doesn't obfuscate, it doesn't constantly float a new shinny ball to chase.  It is focused, dedicated, and heaven bent on finding the truth.  Without focus there is just too much happening to ever get deep into anything.

For me I tuned out a lot of the sites I used to listen to / read because it was obvious to me that some of the content on those sites was the product of psyops...manipulations by ideologues, paid stooges, nation state intel operatives, whatever.  I replaced those info sources with "safer" flows of info.  These safer flows suck.  I need to get back to the deep stuff...I think you do too.  It is hard, as the alternatives like weeds have flourished, chocking those who truly seek.  It will be a challenge.

But if you and I aren't up for that challenge, even what we know will not be brought to mind, and we will act day-to-day as if what we know is not so.  When we learn something that matters, we must keep it front and center, else it will not be part of our day-to-day thinking.  Guard the gems, don't let a flood of info bury them from your mind.

Lastly, to wrap up, the mind is kind of like a computer.  Put in good programming, and it will run well.  Wash it with constantly substandard code, and the bugs will build.  Guard what enters your mind.

In a Christian sense, and this is most important, the Bible must be front and center.  Here is one of numerous Christian verses about the renewing of your mind with the Word of God, the Bible.

Psalm 119:9 Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.

So in conclusion, this rambling rant has two points.  In an age of super flows of information keep what is important front and center else it will be gone.  And for us Christian conspiracy researchers, as well as any other Christian, the Bible must be front and center to keep our minds pure as we sort through the garbage.  We learn some dark things that without being able to put them in the context can be a very bad thing.  If you have a choice of learning about the world or learning about Jesus, always put Jesus first.

Let's go deeper, deeper into the Word of God, constantly washing our mind with it.  Then as led let's go deeper into the nature of our reality.  Not to become wise in the sense of "knowing what is really going on" but to become knowledgeable enough so we can point people, the people who are all around us that are both victims of this world's system of deep state run garbage, but also in need of the one who will one day set it all to right, Jesus.  Learn to become a light, not just more noise.  Learn to reach those who see past the vale but don't know yet that the vale was torn assunder 2000ish years ago and the answer they seek is Christ.

Focus...else we might end up dancing to the tune of this world without evening meaning to or noticing it.

End Rant  

By infocyde
Tags: #rants 

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Ok, on another forum I came up with some comments about the media that I think are worth sharing here.

Teach news consumers how to reason, and they will begin to filter out fake news all on their own. Schools I'm not sure do much of that anymore, it is all about teaching kids what to think rather than how to think leaving them vulnerable to psyops.

On the news side, I'd like to add in one point. The problem is McNews / Corporatism. I think entry level journalist are given almost no resources and are often paid poverty wages. This is due to news corps wanting to maximize profits. Remember workers in a technotronic age are just tools. Cheaper tools, greater profits. Government and non-news corporations know this, and are happy to provide resources to the new crop of journalist...just as long as they play ball and pursue the giver's interest. These things do come with strings attached, though journalist may never feel the pull until they go outside of their benefactors' interest.

Off the record "insider" meetings, invitations to parties and functions where contacts in government are provided free of charge to young journalist, etc... Play nice, you will be provided what you need to produce content and maybe even get asked a question at a press conference. Become a real journalist and ask tough questions, the contacts don't return calls, the "leaks" stop, invitations stop coming, and your career is done.

It is control. And the blurring of the estates is evident by the permeability between news orgs and government employee, they pass people back and forth between the two, marry and have family straddling both sides, tend to belong to the same groups of friends...etc...

A prefect form of soft friendly fascism brewing.

Then Trump broke it.

As to someone thinking Facebook and Twitter are big problems, I kinda agree but not really.

Millennials tend to get their news from facebook (and other social media but mainly facebook) according to Pew. This means whoever controls what is on facebook and what is not controls the news. This means facebook owns the minds of people under 30. THIS is a huge problem. Facebook needs to operate in crony capitalist mode. And to do this it needs the blessing of the state and must cooperate with both it's overt and implied dictates. That means the state owns the news for people under 30. Not directly, but it can apply pressure to facebook to shape things.

Twitter is a lot of garbage. But in the midst of that are whole communities that are sharing info that completely bypasses the corporate-news-state industrial complex. This is a good thing and has effectively called out a lot of the collusion between the media and government that has been growing consistently stronger over the last several decades.

If you fear what the peseants might read and how their minds will be shaped, try making them into full fledged citizens rather than little children that need guidance and protection from the more enlightened. Our government was designed for citizens. It will not work with serfs and kings.

By infocyde

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