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So this Christmas I spent some time back in California.  I noticed a few things about California that I will list here.

  1. Californians need gear and or outfits for everything.  When I was back it was "cold", i.e. in the mid 60ies, and numerous people that I saw in California all had very cold weather attire on similar to what people would wear in Colorado.  When I saw people running they all had running shoes and the appropriate outfit.  I saw people getting ready to go hiking and they all had their "hiking" outfits on.  When people go out they all have the same similar hipster clothes.  There is like 10 templates of style meet an occasion outfit combos that people all seem to stick too.  
  2. Wine.  Wine is everywhere.  Some of my family members have issues with alcohol but that doesn't stop the other idiots from bringing and consuming alcohol (again mostly wine) in front of them.  I guess wine is too important to leave out of social occasions.   
  3. Manicured Lawns.  It seems that everywhere you go everything is up kept well and manicured.  
  4. No Trump stickers, and in actually very few political bumper stickers.  Now I know 30% or more of Californians supported Trump, so I figured I'd see some pro-Trump representation, but there was none.  There was actually very few political bumpers tickers on the cars I saw. I think people in California hold their true feelings close to avoid conflict and to submit to a form of peer pressure which seems to be present.
  5. The main stream media rules.  Political discussions are all based around stories and view points pushed by NPR, news paper, and the alphabet mafia news networks. No wonder they are generally clueless, but they seem to be happy that way and fear alternative sources of information.  

On a side note to me it does seem California is diverging culturally somewhat from the rest of the nation.  But then again I haven't spend much time in the East Coast in recent years, so it could be a broader schisim between fly-over country and the coastal zones.

By infocyde

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