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Well here it is.  November 8th.  Probably the most important election day in our lifetimes.  The next President of the United States will pick most likely at least three if not more Supreme Court Justices.  One side represents a continuation of the policies of decline and corruption.  The other side represents a crazy but possible chance for real change. I've commented a whole lot in other areas about my fears and hopes for this election and for some reason I don't have the energy to recap them again here.  So far the polls in the East Coast haven't closed yet so we are not getting any predictions just yet.  

Regardless of who wins I will be taking a break.  I plan to spend a lot more time working on my relationship with my wife, pursing an adoption one last time, taking care of my health, trying to have a Holy and close walk with the Lord which I've been failing at miserably, and doing a tech skill bottom up recapitalization.  My social presence I hope will become more focused.  I plan to go deeper on certain fringe topics and once again pass on keeping track of most American politics, which I deplore.  

If Hillary wins you will be seeing a lot less of me online.  I might even go dark all together.  My hope for America will have largely been crushed.  Thus these last few hours before the results start to come in may be my last few hours upholding America as a special place.  If Hillary wins I will look at America as just another country...one with high aspirations and mighty past glories, but in the end caving to the same corruption that plagues every other nation around the globe.  In some ways if Hillary wins it will be the death of a nation for me.  But on a positive note a less active me on social media means a more active me in areas that I have been neglecting and that are important.

If Trump wins I stay engaged as America to me is still viable.  The American dream almost perished but at the last second was bought some more time by an unlikely hero.  Very God like.  Thus I will stay engaged in social media but I will also explore more ways that I can get involved directly to make America a better pace. 

In any case the winds of change are blowing, both for the country and the world.  I also sense change coming for my family with jobs and living locations coming upon us in the near future.  It is all dove tailing together and I do not know where we will be at or what we will be doing even six months out.  

I want to write more.  I want to write something epic...but I'm digging and the well has run dry...another great reason to take a break regardless of the outcome tonight (or whenever it finishes if it is dragged out).

In either case, I've been blessed to live in this country.  I grew up in a solid middle class family in one of the best places at the time to live on the earth.  For that America I will always be grateful and I hope God blesses you.

By infocyde

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This is by no means a complete list, but here are 10 techniques that we have seen for manipulating the vote.

  1. Poll Oversampling - Over sample certain groups so that poll numbers skew.  Example: getting responses from a higher percentage of democrats than republicans but sell the poll as "neutral" (leaving the exact way the pole was sampled in the fine print that most won't read).
  2. Bandwidth Management - Leaking stories to the press or social media in such a way that those stories gain headlines while your opponent's stories are over shadowed.  Releasing and holding material to disrupt your opponents narrative while giving your own narrative more momentum.
  3. Fake Law Suits - People come out of the wood work and can claim all sorts of bad things were done to them right before an election.  Funny how they were all silent until then.
  4. Election Machine Hacking / Paper Ballot Losing and Stuffing - Funny how calibration almost errors always favor democrats. Also feel free to make it as easy as possible for large for large scale voter fraud to happen by not requiring ID checks to vote and do your best to get in friendly judges who will insist that although ID's are required for everything else under the son for voting they are not.  Have your volunteers lose voter registrations of the oppositions and fill out ballots for the dead. Again this is a huge subtopic to be flushed out in another post.
  5. Rings of Deniability - Make sure when you do something sketchy, always have a minion who either willingly or unwillingly will fall on their sword for the cause to take the blame.  Example: When you are caught putting Craigslist adds out to recruit protesters, make sure a minion is the one who actually runs the add.  When caught, make sure the minion will take all the blame and then dispose/fire the minion.
  6. Astroturf - Pay and / or bus people in to disrupt rallies, fill vacant seats so low shows don't embarrass a candidate.  Also use green screen technology to fill in non-existent crowds.
  7. Manufactured Mom and Pop Signs - When your astroturfers show up, give them pre-made signs that look like they drew them up themselves.
  8. Down Election Funding - While everyone's eyes are on the main candidates, make sure you legally or even illegally fund less interesting but just as important elections.  Example: Soros funding democratic candidates in red states to go after State prosecutor and State Treasurer positions.  These elections are not as sexy but their ramifications are immense.
  9. Gerrymandering - Beat the opposition before the race even beings by winning State positions that control how districts are drawn up.  Use lawfare to challenge things when they don't suit your party's interest.  Do your best to stack the Federal Election Commission and the DOJ with bureaucrats friendly to your redrawing efforts.
  10. Control the Media - Use crony capitalism carrot on the stick / punishment threats to control the big social media companies if your side is in power.  Do the same with traditional media (a whole other topic to be flushed out later). 
By infocyde

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