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What is the crusade against fake news really all about? It is about blow back against the democratization of information. The normal "filtering" of information done by elite groups is being bypassed, and they don't like it, so they label alternative information flows as "fake news". Now, just like Amazon book publishing, if everyone becomes an author there will be a lot of garbage books out there. The same concept applies too if everyone becomes a journalist. That is why it is so important to teach people how to think by giving them basic logic and reasoning skills. People can then wade through the noise and determine for themselves what is relevant to them in the various alternative and "mainstream" news sources. Just like covered wagon manufactures were probably bummed and lobbied hard to keep their industry intact, so will the mainstream news dinosaurs. And of course they will play on your fears...that what they label as "fake news" is dangerous and can stir up the rabble. In America there is no rabble. There are citizens. The concept of rabble and platonian elitist guardians of the truth belongs in other forms of government, not ours. And the mainstream media hastened it's own demise by becoming rather than an independent fourth estate of government as it should be, it chose to allow itself to become controlled by the very groups it was meant to police. Citizen chose and still choose to bypass this amalgamation of corporate controlled executive branch blurred mess called "mainstream" news. Efforts to control the democratization of media by elites will just introduce the "Streisand effect" and grow alternative information flows more. The genie is out of the bottle fascist...you can't contain us. You're better bet is to go back to square one...making sure larger "media" networks are free of corruption and maintain independence from those they are meant to keep watch on, as well as going back to the school systems and teaching kids how to think rather than what to think.

By infocyde
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