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Ok, this was in response to a friend's question, what caused the death of political literacy?

Here is my response.  He said I should post it.

Statisticians and scientist found out they can make money by selling their expertise to the highest bidder. Some began to create propaganda disguised as science. The public now knows. Same with the media. They whored themselves, and the public got it. Thus credibility is at an all time low. Plus with the internet there is a fragmentation of how people get news, so the traditional media would be having problems without their credibility issue. Lastly, because communist control the school system, they began to teach "social studies" rather than "civics". Students now are no longer taught in any sort of dept their constitutional form of government, nor are they really taught how to think, just what to regurgitate. Thus political literacy is dying because it's traditional sources have been dying for a long time.

I plan to develop this thought out much further in my "Libre Esoterica Volume 1" in the pre-existing conditions section

By infocyde

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Well here it is.  November 8th.  Probably the most important election day in our lifetimes.  The next President of the United States will pick most likely at least three if not more Supreme Court Justices.  One side represents a continuation of the policies of decline and corruption.  The other side represents a crazy but possible chance for real change. I've commented a whole lot in other areas about my fears and hopes for this election and for some reason I don't have the energy to recap them again here.  So far the polls in the East Coast haven't closed yet so we are not getting any predictions just yet.  

Regardless of who wins I will be taking a break.  I plan to spend a lot more time working on my relationship with my wife, pursing an adoption one last time, taking care of my health, trying to have a Holy and close walk with the Lord which I've been failing at miserably, and doing a tech skill bottom up recapitalization.  My social presence I hope will become more focused.  I plan to go deeper on certain fringe topics and once again pass on keeping track of most American politics, which I deplore.  

If Hillary wins you will be seeing a lot less of me online.  I might even go dark all together.  My hope for America will have largely been crushed.  Thus these last few hours before the results start to come in may be my last few hours upholding America as a special place.  If Hillary wins I will look at America as just another country...one with high aspirations and mighty past glories, but in the end caving to the same corruption that plagues every other nation around the globe.  In some ways if Hillary wins it will be the death of a nation for me.  But on a positive note a less active me on social media means a more active me in areas that I have been neglecting and that are important.

If Trump wins I stay engaged as America to me is still viable.  The American dream almost perished but at the last second was bought some more time by an unlikely hero.  Very God like.  Thus I will stay engaged in social media but I will also explore more ways that I can get involved directly to make America a better pace. 

In any case the winds of change are blowing, both for the country and the world.  I also sense change coming for my family with jobs and living locations coming upon us in the near future.  It is all dove tailing together and I do not know where we will be at or what we will be doing even six months out.  

I want to write more.  I want to write something epic...but I'm digging and the well has run dry...another great reason to take a break regardless of the outcome tonight (or whenever it finishes if it is dragged out).

In either case, I've been blessed to live in this country.  I grew up in a solid middle class family in one of the best places at the time to live on the earth.  For that America I will always be grateful and I hope God blesses you.

By infocyde

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Loving Disengagement

I've heard the term to describe how one person in a couple where the other partner was struggling with addiction and they came to the conclusion that they could not help the other partner want to fix themselves if there was no will there. I didn't like the term when I heard it. But the times they are a changing.

Of course I'm going to apply it differently. I'm applying it to politics. I spend a lot of time thinking about and researching on a cursory level what is going on in the world. I don't say this to brag, but I do this more so than everyone I know. Everyone. Now I point my metaphorical radar / information collectors differently than they do, so I still would come to much different conclusions about the world than they do even if they spent equal time researching. I've long given up on most of the controlled information sources that they consider authoritative and have struck out to the "fringe" (which as on a side note is in the process of becoming just as controlled, but some resources are still less tampered with). Some of my sources are sketchy, heck even some of the info I look at is crap. I'm not even above being burned or fooled now and again. But the general jist of what I see, and the information that backs it, and the obvious efforts by the powers that be to squash this information and/or discredit it, shows to me at least that I'm on the right path.

Of course those stuck within the confines of the official narrative would disagree with me. Time and time again these sources are discredited more than my "fringe" info, but to those trapped within the confines of the official box it doesn't matter.

I wish I could free them from their false beliefs and their dogged clinging to those who commodify their trust. But me as an imperfect vessel am not the one who should do that. I can't. Also past sins and behavor have burned a lot of credibility with those I wish to free. Even my wife, the one that should be closest too me, grows bored with my opinions.

To me I'm screaming at the top of my lungs that the world is on a horrible course and what needs to be done to change it. I'm screaming at them letting them know their souls are in eternal danger. They smile...how cute. Then they get bored. Then they get mad.

And the said part is I get mad too. Mad at my inability to get them to change. Mad that Satan has literally bound them to this world and they will perish eternally with it if they do not come to Christ. Mad that they believe the things they do that I believe with all my heart are false. The wrath plays out in myself in many ways. Disappointment with those I love. My heart growing cooler towards them and out and out hard against people who I don't know who hold the similar views. Feeling isolated. Becoming filled with contempt that I have no right having (if I do have discernment it isn't from myself but from the Holy Spirit living within me).

So what am I to do? I've been thinking about this for years. I know one thing, my current mode of operation is useless. It doesn't change their minds. It makes me angrier and degrades my health. But on the other hand I'm torn. In my mind the biggest act of hatred I could commit to anyone is to keep quiet about what I know. But I lie to myself. This world is passing, and with it the system that binds the souls away from God to eternity. How much of my ramblings are concentrating on the simple truth that Jesus loves them? That God is a good and forgiving God who wants to redeem them and showed his love by paying the ultimate price to save them? As my frustration grows I find that truth...the central truth of my being, taking the background and my focus doubling down on the evils of this world that they refuse to let affect their thinking. I become the clanging gong of 1 Corinthians 13. Why would they listen to me?

So frustrating, but my only recourse is to give up in some ways. If I don't I can't call myself a servant of Christ. My method of reaching people is not the Gospel. It is a low powered mixture of it and critiques of the world system. The lack of purity makes the message I speak ineffective. If I am to take any of my family, my friends, and my loved ones with me out of this world, I have to do it God's way...preaching Jesus and Him crucified. I do not understand why that is hard for me to do alone but it is. But Jesus has the power. It is God's power that draws people to Jesus, not wiley insight into a dying world. So that truth should be my primary focus.  If other things get in the way of that they must be pushed aside.

It will be frustrating for me not to "correct" the wrong opinions of the people I know. But Christ instructs me to pull the log out of my own eye before looking at the specs in theirs. I've neglected this to the loss of my own witness. So I've got to let go and focus on Christ and Him crucified alone.

The rest, regardless of the truth of it, is meaningless. It is trying to use a material hammer to break through a spiritual barrier. It just can't happen. So, for love's sake, I must do loving detachment... After a quick initial survey of the person I'm dealing with, if I see that they are on a different page than I am politically and will not budge I must shut down. Just no point in continuing. I must let go of the anger that flares when I see their (to me) ignorant and misinformed social media post.  What is even worse for me is I cannot even secretly hold them in contempt, but must as Paul(?) I believe instructs us to view others as better than ourselves.  Pride is a hard thing to give up especially when you think it really isn't pride but it is. As to witnessing Christ, I must work on the logs in my life. But I don't have to be perfect to be used by Jesus to reach people, else no one would be used. So I will use the spiritual weapon I can use, prayer...prayer for their souls, their lives, their problems, their salvation. I will use that weapon because it is they only weapon given to me. And if God is moving in their souls, and the Holy Spirit says Now!, hopefully I will be there with the message of God's plan of salvation for them and will be talking to a receptive heart. If not I will hold my tongue and pray for them for another opportunity in the future to witness to them, then shut up.

So to all of you I know who think differently than I do I am loving disengaging you. It is best for all of us. You didn't want to hear from me anyway did you? My need to show that the world is dying I also put on a shelf...who wants to hear about that? For those of you on or near the same page as I am, we will still talk. Maybe it is vanity but I think God has gifted me with being able to interpret the times and discern things to a degree. Probably a mix of sin, vanity, and legit gifting. I'll pray about it so it will be more and more of the later. We will still talk, and with my saved effort of trying to scream at everyone some of that effort will be put into going deep on some topics. Some but not all. But it will give me more things of value to add to our conversations, even though those conversations will be fewer.

So, I've rambled on enough. I give you people to the world unless I see God working on you. Know that even though I'm not trying to convince you of this or that means that I've not given up on you. Quite the opposite. Know that I'm praying for you. Like really. I've already started. I wish I had more power than that but I don't. Who knows, as an imperfect being maybe it is good that I don't. I wouldn't want to force my will or views on anyone. You must chose your own path. But know that I do care about you and am there if you need me. Else I will stay out of your way.

By infocyde
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