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I've seen this so many times.

There is a group of Christians in the coffee shop that I'm at talking up so eloquently (and loudly) about the project they are working on for their church.  Not fifteen feet from them is an old guy I see in the coffee shops a lot.  He is obviously starved for converstation.  I've engaged him once and pondering engaging him again.  He gets up, paces, engages people in random converstations (mostly one sided), then plays on his various electonic devices he has pilled around his "camp" chair.  In listening to him he sounds like he is living in some sort of assisted living area, and isn't really fitting in.

So I'm a little bit of a hypocrite here too (surprise) as I see the need and am not fully rising to the challenge.  I'm praying for an opening or if God wants me to talk to this guy God would provide an opening, but I have to admit I'm not running up and saying "let's talk".  

But it pains me to a group of Christians, who I'm sure consider themselves "on fire", totally ignore or are oblivous to his need.  Heck I've been this guy a few times when I've gone through some rough times.  Same result, groups of Christians near me blabbing about their projects ignoring the world around them.

So many people front.  

Please pray I talk to this guy.  Like I said I have once in the past, I'm not good at this social interaction stuff.

And note, this isn't a slam on Christians in general.  I've seen people who are bearing real fruit.  

By infocyde

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