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Ok, on another forum I came up with some comments about the media that I think are worth sharing here.

Teach news consumers how to reason, and they will begin to filter out fake news all on their own. Schools I'm not sure do much of that anymore, it is all about teaching kids what to think rather than how to think leaving them vulnerable to psyops.

On the news side, I'd like to add in one point. The problem is McNews / Corporatism. I think entry level journalist are given almost no resources and are often paid poverty wages. This is due to news corps wanting to maximize profits. Remember workers in a technotronic age are just tools. Cheaper tools, greater profits. Government and non-news corporations know this, and are happy to provide resources to the new crop of journalist...just as long as they play ball and pursue the giver's interest. These things do come with strings attached, though journalist may never feel the pull until they go outside of their benefactors' interest.

Off the record "insider" meetings, invitations to parties and functions where contacts in government are provided free of charge to young journalist, etc... Play nice, you will be provided what you need to produce content and maybe even get asked a question at a press conference. Become a real journalist and ask tough questions, the contacts don't return calls, the "leaks" stop, invitations stop coming, and your career is done.

It is control. And the blurring of the estates is evident by the permeability between news orgs and government employee, they pass people back and forth between the two, marry and have family straddling both sides, tend to belong to the same groups of friends...etc...

A prefect form of soft friendly fascism brewing.

Then Trump broke it.

As to someone thinking Facebook and Twitter are big problems, I kinda agree but not really.

Millennials tend to get their news from facebook (and other social media but mainly facebook) according to Pew. This means whoever controls what is on facebook and what is not controls the news. This means facebook owns the minds of people under 30. THIS is a huge problem. Facebook needs to operate in crony capitalist mode. And to do this it needs the blessing of the state and must cooperate with both it's overt and implied dictates. That means the state owns the news for people under 30. Not directly, but it can apply pressure to facebook to shape things.

Twitter is a lot of garbage. But in the midst of that are whole communities that are sharing info that completely bypasses the corporate-news-state industrial complex. This is a good thing and has effectively called out a lot of the collusion between the media and government that has been growing consistently stronger over the last several decades.

If you fear what the peseants might read and how their minds will be shaped, try making them into full fledged citizens rather than little children that need guidance and protection from the more enlightened. Our government was designed for citizens. It will not work with serfs and kings.

By infocyde

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OK here is another chronicle of how the media "mis-predicted" / lied about a Hillary landslide.  Remember this for all future elections...big media is captured by group think, big money, and a left leaning ideology.  They will lie or misread the tea leaves so to speak to psyop you into changing your mind.

By infocyde

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Just putting this here so we can remember how badly the media had this election wrong.  Go Trump!

By infocyde

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