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Ok, I roll most of my tweets through radioinfocyde.com now.  I do this mainly because I can now queue my tweets.  Before I would get up in the morning, tweet 50 tweets in an hour, and hardly anyone would see them.  By using a queue that I wrote I can spread tweets out over the day and I have both more people seeing them as well as more interaction.

I guess this qualifies me as a "bot" in some sense, but I'm still hand selecting links that I think are important, some I queue to tweet, some I save just to the news section of this site.  If there is space, I'll add a "more news" link back to my site on the tweets that do get sent.

Queuing has allowed me to send a lot more tweets too because I'm less worried about spam blasting people.  But is that a good thing?  Probably but maybe there is an upper limit.  I'm thinking I'm hitting it.  So I tweaked my twitter sending queue so that I can have it sends less tweets out.  I also decided I had too many link backs to my site, so I tweaked when the "more news" link is added, it will now be added less.

Ultimately it is all about the information.  If link is really important I'll mark it as such and it will get sent out.  Or I will send it right after I've read it.  But for the important but less important stuff I think I will reduce my twitter traffic a bit.

Hopefully all this will encourage people to check out the news section of my site more not less, as a greater percentage of the links I post there will be on the web site only.  In checking for the stuff I didn't tweet hopefully people will find some of the other links I posted there and tweet them.  All of this is configurable so I can tweak to suit going forward.

Anyway, I hope the site and my tweets are useful.  Let me know @infocyde.

By infocyde
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