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There was only ever one perfect human being that ever lived.  His name is Jesus.  You are not Him.  That is OK.  What do I mean by that and why is it important?  

I'm working on kind of tedious stuff right now.  So as I code I've been going back through my favorites/bookmarks and looking though some of the endless videos on Youtube I've bookmarked over the years with the hopes of one day getting back to listen to them.  Interestingly I've noticed most of them are gone.  Youtube account deactivations, videos turned private, or just plain disappeared are about four out of five of the videos I had saved for later viewing.  

But out of what has been left I've found some real gems.  Some of them I've recently embedded in this blog.  Then a friend of mine sent me a video link to by one of the people that I thought were awesome in some of the videos I've watched and I was left scratching my head...

How could someone, the same person, be in one video so "right on" in my view, and then on another topic be so pitifully off?  How could their logic and reason be so inconsistent?  The answer is easy.  That person is a flawed human.  So are you.  So am I.  None of us, not even the best of us let alone those of us in the middle range, has the intellectual capacity to figure out everything in this world 100% correctly.  All of us have flawed view points on some things.  Seeing a person who on one video I greatly admired make me laugh in another brought this point home.  I'm no better, you are no better, than they are.  We all think we are on the right track, but there is areas in our intellectual inquiry where we are off.  And we may not know in what area...in fact we might even think where we are off the most is one of our intellectual strong points...but it reality we in our summations of the world around us and our opinions on given subjects aren't even close.  It is just something we need to live with as we cannot change it.  We can try, and we can improve, but we will never be perfect.  And we will all have glaring inconsistencies that we are not even aware of.

Sure, we all do the best that we can.  And hopefully through debate and reason we can come close to reality on given subjects that we research.  But our reason is guided by our self-deceiving hearts and are fallen nature's imperfections.  We should always be aware of this and stay humble lest we set ourselves up for a fall later.

Just typing out loud I guess.  

By infocyde
Tags: #ramblings 

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