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Yep.  Voting should be sacred and well protected in a civic sense, but that doesn't mean it is.  Here are seven ways the various sides play games to keep those voter's ballots that they don't like from being counted.

  1. Last minute poll location moving or poll location closing.  A variety of excuses can be used like not enough volunteers, location availability conflicts, predicted turn out excessive capacity, moving a polling location to where it is very inconvenient to get to, closing polls for breaks, “accidentally” running out of ballots, etc…
  2. Procedural purging and ballot tweaking.  Using dirty tricks like if a signature goes outside of the box, a certain checkbox that is kind of obscure isn’t checked, having multiple unobvious signature requirements, moving names around in unexpected order (like having some candidates appear on a back page), requiring two checks per vote, circles must be filled in not checked, etc....
  3. Roll purging.  People with similar names are considered “duplicates” and removed, though perhaps they should not be.
  4. Path guarding.  Setting people outside the polling location to intimidate or confuse voters a given side doesn’t want voting.  One example is having Black Panthers, Neo Nazis, or other menacing types positioned outside a polling area to try to scare off voters.  Another is having fake volunteers asking voters for their names, and if they aren’t registered to your party, telling them “you are not on the list” and walking away, leaving voters to be confused if they are registered to vote or not.
  5. Premature announcements.  Taking “polling samples” from areas where one side is favored and making it seem that those samples are representative of the vote as a whole (it may not be) to discourage voters from “wasting their time” and going to vote.
  6. Mail glitching.  This requires bureaucratic inside assistance, but doing things like not mailing out absentee or early voting cards on time, “losing” things in the mail, delaying receipt of items until after the due date, etc…
  7. Volunteer games.  This requires poll worker cooperation.  Giving bad instructions that will knowingly cause some voters ballots to be disqualified, “losing ballots”, “accidentally” handing out multiple ballots to those who look likely to vote the way a given side likes, filling in empty ballots that are not used by voters, etc…
By infocyde

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More voter fraud and corruption from the fascist left

By infocyde

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